There are a plethora of co-curricular activities that are woven into the academic timetable and which take place during the activities periods. Sing, dance, draw, mould a vase or learn the Tabla – children will do it all at GGS. Each activity gives unique opportunities for creativity and development that caters to a child’s passion and interest. Children are taught to observe, envision, innovate and reflect. With emphasis on developing and strengthening the mind, we believe children should be given tools that impact their lives in school and beyond.

Students can choose from a wide variety of artistic activities: Classical Dance, Western Dance, Folk Dance, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Art, Craft, Yoga, Aerobics, Stage Exposure Through Speeches, Extempore, Debates, Poetry Recitation, Drama and Sports.

GGS strongly believes that in many ways, children can envision a world that is different from the world they know, and thus holistic education opens the possibility of creating new worlds, rather than simply accepting the world as it is.

As Emily Dickinson wrote:

“Imagination lights the slow fuse of possibility”